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Madame Mercury
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Madame Mercury, also known as Sherry Mosley, has always loved music and most things creative. Growing up in a hippie Rosicrucian/Free Mason/Christian community in San Francisco in the 1980s, creativity and thinking outside the box and connecting to Angels, spirits, God/Source were her world. As she grew up she embraced this curiosity and passion of following her heart and looking beyond the veil.

After attending a few underground dance events in 1996 she got her first pieces of vinyl of tracks that had truly touched her heart and got her first set of decks. Making a few mixes to carry these songs with her on her cassette player the mixes spread and after that things took on a path of their own. She started playing at local underground events in the San Francisco Bay Area and soon was signed to StreetBeat Records in Miami via her friend DJ Icey who saw how much the music truly touched her heart.

Following this came producing numerous singles, remixes and 3 mixed albums for various established indie record labels including her own indie Mad Wax label, all of it taking her across the U.S., to Canada, Europe, and Asia. She also created a residency with San Francisco’s beloved Spundae with her 5 Star Funk monthly at 1015 Folsom and always stayed true to her beloved hometown of San Francisco investing much of her love of the music locally by producing numerous events that nurtured the scene there.

Her sound brings that West Coast funky flavor to the classic beats, breaks, bass and samples of funky breaks and electro bringing them into a high energy hip hop meets house infused set guaranteed to make just about anyone want to move their body.

She has always been an artist who truly shows her deep passion for the music in all that she has done, always sober and in it for the love of the music and dancing.

Since aquiring her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, studying Shamanism and the Akashic Records and answering her call to help others, her music has now taken on an even deeper meaning.

As we change and grow so do the expressions of our soul.
Peace. Love. Light.

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madame mercury
NEW ALBUM: Free the Music, Feel Your Soul
Released: May 30th, 2018
Purchase Now Here

madame mercury
madame mercury
Produced Albums
11.2017 / Free the Music Feel Your Soul  / Madame Mercury / MadWax

Licensed DJ Mixed Albums

07.13.04 / Broken Floor / Madame Mercury & DJ Whatt / StreetBeat
03.25.03 / I Wanna Dance / Madame Mercury / Mad Wax & Journees Music
04.27.01 / Alive / Madame Mercury / StreetBeat

Underground Promotional Series Albums
2016 / Radiate Your Love / Spiritual Music Series Mix #001
2015 / Free The Music Feel Your Soul
2012 / Spring Breaks 3 / MWUPS#011
2006 / Back To Cali / MWUPS#010
03.19.05 / Live @ Club Otwo (Seoul, Korea) / MWUPS#009
11.22.03 / Live @ Beat Zone (Granada, Spain) / MWUPS#008
04.20.02 / Spring Breaks 02 / MWUPS#007
12.25.02 / The Under Sound / MWUPS#006
09.18.01 / United Groove / MWUPS#005
04.15.01 / Girl Power / MWUPS#004
03.22.01 / Spring Breaks / MWUPS#003
01.05.01 / Revelation / DJ Voodoo & Madame Mercury / MWUPS#002
11.07.00 / Inside / MWUPS#001
03.20.00 / Kickin' Beats / LiquidMercury

Mixed Tapes
2000 / Megga Buzz 5 / DJ Spinner & Madame Mercury / LiquidMercury
2000 / SuperFunk / Madame Mercury / LiquidMercury
1999 / Break Special / Madame Mercury / LiquidMercury
1999 / Volume 1 / DJ Mad Merc / LiquidMercury
1998 / Breaklicious / DJ Mad Merc / LiquidMercury
1997 / DJ Mad Merc / DJ Mad Merc / LiquidMercury
1996 / On The One And A Half / Mad Merc / LiquidMercury
Madame Mercury has produced numerous singles, remixes and 3 mixed albums for various established indie record labels including Miami’s StreetBeat Records and her own indie Mad Wax label.

08.03.04 / Let's Go / Madame Mercury& DJ Whatt / Tone Three Records
07.20.04 / Mad Style / Madame Mercury / Broken 4 Records
03.25.03 / My Soul (Dance Remix) / Madame Mercury / Mad Wax
03.25.03 / My Soul / Madame Mercury / Mad Wax
04.01.02 / Back Up / Madame Mercury& ILLKO / Mad Wax
10.01.01 / Electro Bliss / DJ Voodoo & Madame Mercury / Mad Wax
10.01.01 / Sneaker Damage / Madame Mercury / Mad Wax
06.01.01 / West Coast Rush / Madame Mercury / Mad Wax
05.01.01 / Rhythm Rock / Madame Mercury / StreetBeat
05.01.01 / Sweet Beat / Madame Mercury / StreetBeat

Remix 12” Singles
05.25.04 / Take Me Higher (Madame Mercury & Mo Shakedown Mix) / Level Records
04.21.04 / Edge of the Earth (Madame Mercury & DJ Whatt Rmx) / Pure Phunk Rec.
03.25.03 / Low Freak (Back to Cali Remix) / Madame Mercury & DJ Liquid / Journees

Cities Performed
United States

San Francisco
Los Angeles
New York City
Little Rock


Ontario & Vancouver Canada
Victoria, British Columbia
Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, South Korea
Gangzhou, China
Malaga & Granada, Spain

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